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Dugout Loop

by The Boring Company

The Dugout Loop is a high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported via compatible autonomous electric vehicles at up to 150 mph. I was part of an ambitious project to design the concept app of "Loop" travel experience. 

"Resolving the problem of soul-destroying traffic

by going underground." Elon Musk

Role: Design Lead, UX Designer

Project Team: Iris Minji, Robert Walker, Carissa Gabilheri

Tools Used: Pen/Paper, Sketch, Photoshop, InVision
Platform: Mobile (iOS)

Timeline: 2 weeks


Reimagining Public Transit

Designing urban mobility to support and boost people’s punctuality, creativity, & productivity while traveling efficiently. 

*Moodboard for design inspiration

Integration & Research

User Interviews / Secondary Research / Heuristic Evaluation / Affinity Mapping / Competitive & Comparative Analysis / Persona / User Flows

“How can the Boring Company imagine an ambitious project to redesign the public transit experience?”


User Interviews & Survey

We conducted 9 face-to-face interviews & 30 survey responses with users in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

user quotes.png

Primary Findings from Interviews

  • Often people feel unsafe while using public transit.

  • Users want to buy & access tickets via mobile phone.

  • Users find public transit to be inconvenient & indirect.

Primary Findings from Survey

  • More than half of users would be interested in public transit if faster & cheaper.

  • Many users find public transit dirty.

  • 63% want their ticket on their phone.

*User Quotes

Secondary Research

My team and I decided to conduct secondary research for this project to gather further information. By doing so, we were able to find real data about people who currently use the Los Angeles Metro and bus system. This data, conducted by LA Metro Research, covered a total of 18,000 riders. 


69% of riders own

a smartphone


More than 50% of riders use transit to commute to work or school


21% of riders feel unsafe on Metro

Light Rail


65% use a transit app occasionally to

very often

*Data from 2 surveys conducted by LA Metro covering a total of 18,000 people. 

Who's riding the Loop?


Based on our research, we created our user persona, Tina Transit, who is a representative of the average user of the Loop transportation system and embodies their goals and frustrations. 

Tina Transit.png
Journey Map Metro  copy.png

Key Research Takeaways

Outdated Transportation System
Transits are often crowded,
old, and unsanitary. 
Public Transportation Safety
Safety is always a concern for users, especially new transit systems.
Completely Mobile
Users want all information and guidance on their phones.

Inconvenient Payment

Tap cards or getting tickets from

kiosk machines is a hassle.

Users prefer mobile payment.


Re-defined Problem Statement

Tina Transit needs efficient, cost-effective, and

safe public transportation.


How might we create a mobile experience for her to utilize everyday on a brand new autonomous transit system?

Design Process

Design Studio / Sketching / Wireframes / Paper

Prototypes / Moodboard / Style Guide / Concept Mockup

Where the problem is analyzed, the solution is achieved.

Usability testings confirmed that we needed to focus on the context and utility. Buttons needed to be clearer, navigation needed to be precise, and the interaction needed to be flawless. ​



We created a paper prototype, then made the flow on Marvel to test users with a given task scenario.

We learned that users want real-time info so they can plan their day accordingly. We also learned that users wanted more departure options. Overall, users needed clarity on icons, cost of the ride, departure times, and detailed directions.



Ideation of our design through sketches and medium fidelity prototypes to test and ideate the product.

We learned from users that they want more payment options and still needed more clarity. All users were confused by the "Select Departure" page. The users wanted more consistency and clarity throughout the app. 


*Our medium fidelity prototype was created medium-high because this is a new concept and needs more visual for users to understand how it would look & work.

Style Guide LOOP.png

High-Fidelity Wireframes

Sign Up Process

Video Page.jpg
Mobile Numberx.png
Start Riding.jpg

Landing Page

Location Enable.jpg
Map Landing Page.jpg
Hamburger Menu FINAL REDESIGN.jpg
Location Input.jpg

Multiple Iteration of "Select Departure Page"


Test, Iterate, Refine

Desktop HD.png

When we were creating high fidelity wireframes, 5 iterations of the “Select Departure” page were made. We settled on the last iteration, employing dots to indicate the journey in a single line format. We wanted users to understand the full journey of their choice.

Concept Mockup

Clickable Prototype:

Next Steps

  • Further iterate to improve the user’s mental model of a transit system that dynamically changes according to demand over future versions of the Loop app.


  • Continue to work with the Loop engineering team to collaborate on the physical experience.


  • Update with information as the system is built, taking into account any changes that occur during the development of the physical experience.

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