My name is Iris.

I use curiosity & understanding to uncover problems

and communication & creativity to design innovative solutions for your challenges. 



Dugout Loop by 

The Boring Company

Created an application that serves as an e-ticketing platform to efficiently guide users through the Boring Company’s subterranean tunnel network.

Type: Concept Project

Role: Design Lead, UX/UI

black phone layout.png

MyLO by League of Women Voters

Solved complex design problems through user research and analysis, with a strong focus on service design & accessibility.

Type: Client Work

Role: Project Manager, UX/UI

Artist & Craftsman

Supply Store

Redesigned online website to address customer complaints concerning online shopping experience in order to improve overall user experience.

Type: Redesign Project

Role: UX/UI Designer

A&C Checkout.png

Online Slot

Machine Game

Improved functionality and interface design for a simple desktop slot machine game. 

Type: Redesign Project

Role: UX/UI Designer

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