My name is Iris.

I use curiosity and understanding to uncover problems

and communication and creativity to design innovative solutions for your challenges. 




MyLO by League of Women Voters

Solved complex design problems through user research and analysis, with a strong focus on service design & accessibility.

Type: Contract

Role: Project Manager, UX/UI

iMac Pro.png

Dugout Loop by 

The Boring Company

Created an application that serves as an e-ticketing platform to efficiently guide users through the Boring Company’s subterranean tunnel network.

Type: Concept Project

Role: Design Lead, UX/UI

black phone layout.png

Artist & Craftsman

Supply Store

Redesigned online website to address customer complaints concerning online shopping experience in order to improve overall user experience.

Type: Redesign Project

Role: UX/UI Designer

A&C Checkout.png

Online Slot

Machine Game

Improved functionality and interface design for a simple desktop slot machine game. 

Type: Redesign Project

Role: UX/UI Designer

Beer Slot MOCK.png